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Monica Diaz, M.A.

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I'm Monica!

I'm an autistic advocate with a passion for helping people.

Autistic Freedom: The state in which a person has the power to be their full, authentic, autistic self.

I discovered my neurodivergency (autism, ADHD, and OCD) in adulthood. Since then, I have been on my own journey to autistic freedom. 

I founded Autistic Freedom as a way to use my burning passion for autism and helping others. In my previous career of 8 years, I worked with hundreds of autistic people and their caregivers, teaching skills that empowered them. 


I want to help you navigate the challenges and celebrate the joys that come with being autistic/caring for an autistic child or teen. I believe that with authenticity, compassion, and teamwork I can help you and your loved ones reach Autistic Freedom! 

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